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  Featured Designers

Ann Mueller
    Ann Mueller Designs

    Ann is an accomplished artist in textiles. paints, book making, ceramics, etc. She is now retired from years of teaching art to high school students.

Jami Breese
    Breese Tribe Designs

    Jami, shown here with her husband and sons, lives in the San Francisco bay area and has always loved to draw. She works on a creative team in health care in design and development. In her spare time, she loves illustration and is constantly doodling.

Sharon Maloney
    Aslan Rug Designs

    Sharon, shown with husband Greg, has always enjoyed the fabric arts, having learned to sew at age 10. Her designs focus on animals and other aspects of nature.

Shelly Atkinson
    Shelly Atkinson Designs

   Shelly lives in Truro, Nova Scotia. She is an acclaimed self taught artist who enjoys working with a variety of mediums and styles. In addition to rug hooking she enjoys illustrating, writing poems and many outdoor activities, as well as a nice glass of red wine.

Sharon Maloney
    JoJules Collection

In this team, Joanne is the hooker. She is active in the High Desert Rug Hookers group, and is partial to working with wide cuts and bright colors. Jules has spent 35 years designing art quilts, jewelry, and folk art.

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    Your Collection

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